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Here's our story - I have incredibly sensitive skin, and when I was a child, my mother and I set out to develop a line of products that were natural, beautiful, and made with people with sensitive skin and fragrance allergies in mind. We wanted it to be beautiful, free from bad chemicals, and really good for you. Over 10 years of R&D later, we have a 300+ product range with 181 different luxury glycerin soap bars.

Scent is one of the strongest ties to memory and we believe in natural wellness and the benefits of aromatherapy.  Did you know that vanilla can evoke feelings of love?  Or that raspberry is a natural aphrodisiac? All of our bars have been carefully formulated to offer specific aromatherapy benefits that are simply good. 

We created the  Savon Body service to surprises you with two curated full-sized luxury glycerin soap bars in a customizable subscription. Every month features something different that you can try, and you can learn about the aromatherapy benefits of the fragrances in each bar. Find something you love? Buy more of your favorites from our online store!

We use a vegetable derived vegan glycerin soap base as the foundation for our soap and we never use animal derived products. Most importantly, we NEVER test on animals, in fact, we're huge animal lovers, and we're currently working on partnering with a charity that helps place former lab animals with forever homes. Meet our chairman of the board, Zeus.

Why glycerine? Because it's perfect for sensitive skin, and it's hygroscopic, which means it attracts moisture, making it one of the most moisturizing varieties of soap.  It's great for people with skin problems like eczema, and who suffer from dry, and overly oily skin.

All of our colors are top-shelf vegetable derived and food-safe dyes/pigments to create beautiful color that isn't toxic or harmful for your skin. All of our fragrances are natural essential oils or the highest quality fragrance oils that are safe for sensitive skin.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us!  We're humans who get that you have questions, and love talking to our customers so we can improve.

As the business grows, our dream is to vertically integrate social good into our entire business. We don't want to outsource production overseas where we lose quality control, our dream is to set up domestic factories and provide secure, healthy working conditions for our employees. We believe that wellness is lived and shared, and that starts now.



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